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Customer services – early morning rush

I had half an hour between meetings this morning so I took the opportunity to do a quick spot check on customer services.

It was 9:05 am by my watch when I arrived and it was a bit daunting at first as there were 20 plus people queuing out of the door to get past the meeters and greeters. They had only just openend the doors and in fact it was all very orderly with a security guy directing people to the three meeters and greeters. It took only three minutes to get past them and get a ticket in my hand at 9.08 am.

Once inside all was calm and ordered with about 40 people waiting to be seen and not many behind me – all the early birds were trying to get their worms. There were 18 people waiting for housing benefits enquiries and 14 people waiting for parking of which 13 wanted permits. Two cash office windows were open with two people being served so no queue there.

It took 26 minutes to get to the front of the parking queue. This is too long. If I thought it took 26 minutes all day I would be worried but I think this was a function of the early morning rush which I had managed to get on the end of. I haven’t had this problem when I have tried this later in the day. There were four staff dealing with parking matters. I will look into how we might improve things first thing. In the meantime if you have any stories to share, good or bad, please do.

2 replies on “Customer services – early morning rush”

I recently visited Perceval House to get a vehicle crossover application form only to be sent to the education department advisors! All this because the greeters didn’t understand what I wanted. One would reccomend that if they do not understand, they ask rather than rushing to issue a ticket.


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