Ealing and Northfield

Top rated council


Today the Audit Commission, the government body that rates councils, awarded Ealing its top rating. Only this Tuesday we finalised a standstill budget after two successive years of a 1.9%, below inflation rise. This award proves that you can control costs and still deliver too. You can see what the Audit Commission has to say here.

Council Leader Jason Stacey said:

The most important measure of our success is resident satisfaction with services, and the good news is real progress is being made. Some 78% of people say the Council is doing a good job, and 72% feel we are efficient and well run. The Government assessment is a tremendous endorsement of the progress that we’ve made.

The numbers that Jason is quoting come from the council’s own residents survey (see here). It’s nice to get the nod from the civil servants at the Audit Commission. It is more important that the 3,030 real people whose opinion we ask in the residents’ survey give us the nod.

One reply on “Top rated council”

Phil, how does the following one star rating sit with the above four star rating – only three months later?

Audit Commission Abstract dated 18 DEC 2008:

The housing service provided by Ealing Homes is ‘fair’ and has ‘poor prospects for improvement’. On a scale from zero to three stars, the Audit Commission inspection team gave the service a ‘fair’, one-star rating. This is because the decent homes programme has been suspended, and poor partnership working with the Council is having a negative impact on service delivery and improvement. While tenant satisfaction is high and some services are effective, others, such as those to leaseholders, do not meet the needs of customers.

You claim above that 3030 “real” people gave the Council the nod. That is a highly misleading propagandist statement. Actually 78% of these people gave the nod. That makes 2363 people, (probably less than half the Arcadia objectors to whom was proffered a deaf ear).

On the following questions in the survey each gets a score of less than 10% for:-

1) lack of jobs, 2) lack of affordable housing, 3) not enough being done for the elderly and 4) lack of jobs for young people.

I am tempted to think that your so called real people languish in fantasy when queried about “THE THINGS WHICH MOST NEED IMPROVING IN EALING”.

I see that the Auditor give you just a 2 for Financial Reporting under how well Council manages its finances. No wonder you were not able to answer my questions in the February thread of 29 exchanges.

I believe you are lead Councillor for Benefits. When are you going to get that sorted?


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