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Brent River Park wins Boris’ cash

Brent River Park is one of ten London parks to win a £400,000 makeover from the GLA. Results were announced today, see voting here. Thanks to everyone who voted. Southall Manor House and grounds was also in the running but only recieved 1,083 votes compared to Brent River Park’s 4,648.

6 replies on “Brent River Park wins Boris’ cash”

Good news from Brent River Park but what a crass way to make public funding allocations. We truly are living an era wher banility reigns supreme.



I might gently criticise the Mayor for intruding on the boroughs’ prerogatives but I think you are totally wrong. Can there be a better way of allocating resources than actually asking people what they think?

If you follow the link to the GLA results page you will see very clear voting patterns. Councillors and council officers may think they know best but here in Ealing almost five thousand people acted to support the Bunny Park. By this measure it is the fifth most popular park in London. As the portfolio holder it is a useful reminder to me of the Bunny Park’s popularity, and in particular its wider appeal beyond its immediate catchment area.

I salute the Mayor’s achievement in getting 112,399 Londoners engaged. Let’s have more of it I say.


I didn’t know there was a “River Brent Park” as well as a “Brent River Park” is west London. That had the potential to split the vote a bit….


So Bob thinks that the views of another ‘great and good’ committee should trump those of voters – is he a socialist by any chance?

And congratulations to Fairlop Waters which got the £400k in our part of town. I like to think my own supportive blog pieces and the postcard campaign by local children helped to swing the result.


Roger’s pomposity never ceases to amaze and amuse.

What’s next for a referendum? Council tax levels, the size of social services budget?, the colour of recycling vehicles, which member of the library service to be made redundant?.No, of course not the elected politicians will make these important decisions with debasing themselves by indulging in this kind of reductive, populist and trivial nonsense.


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