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  1. James Clarke says:

    Hello, not sure if you have written about this before but noticing your writings on the closure of the Ealing stroke unit, I feel that the merger between Ealing and NW London hospitals should be looked into. This is because Ealing is in a much sounder financial position than the latter together with the possibility of further closures. If you have written on this before then I apologise.

  2. Peter jones says:

    Hello Phil
    With regard the proposed works at Walpole park. Why do we need to spend such ridiculous sums of money redefining something that doesn’t need fixing.
    What the park needs are decent toilets and a larger cafe that has shelter and seating.
    I have just discovered the new cafe being built right over the other side is to have no indoor seating!
    I have a disabled relative with a wheelchair there are little enough options for us as it is. What about parents with prams. Who in their right mind made a decision not to offer a little shelter from the rain.

  3. kaushik says:

    I have been issued PCN on driving in bus lane with clocks went forward and council failure to change their clocks the camera took picture at 7.08 but old clocks shows 6.08 pm instead of 7.08pm
    when will this time be resolved. Does council keep record of when they changed the clock?

  4. Dr Giles Bointon says:

    I am writing in response to an article you posted on Conservative Home a short while ago essentially saying that GP’s are complaining, overpaid and ungrateful (in so many words) You decried a lack of data to support their plight.
    I would steer you to Pulse magazine, page 23. there are facts and graphs from the DDRB 2014.
    The data is at odds with your article and show that partners profits are falling year on year. In real terms, both flavours of Government have chipped away at our contract negotiated in 2004, where we were undoubtedly ‘overpaid’. In the 10 years since, that windfall has effectively been eliminated and there is data to suggest young doctors now choosing hospital careers rather than general Practice.
    work pressures are very high for us but I am well (and appropriately) paid for what I do. Your denigration was inappropriate and I would be grateful if you could take time to re-think your views

  5. Phil says:


    My criticism of GPs was fairly mild really. I suggested that collectively they were: “a hidebound and well-paid profession that is slow to innovate”. I proposed that the slow change of the patients’ reception experience was evidence of this. Perhaps you could make the case that the GP profession is innovative? You yourself say you are appropriately well-paid.

    I did criticise Dr Maureen Baker’s overwrought comments – I don’t hear you defending this badly judged intervention.

    I also referred to GPs as: “… widely admired professionals who have within their ranks the experience and skills to provide the primary care service we want.”

    I have signed to the Pulse website and will look at the article you mention.

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