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White sack


In November 2007 when Ealing implemented the new recycling scheme they managed to omit to deliver a white plastic recycling bag to my house. Black mark to Ealing Council. I never got around to ordering one for the simple reason that I just kept on leaving my plastics out in carrier bags and they got collected in the same way they had been previously. No sweat.

I decided to order me one this week. I called 020 8825 6000 at 10:26am on Tuesday 10th March. After less than a minute I was talking to an operator who took my details and I was off the phone within two minutes. I was told a bag would arrive in around 3-5 working days.

After a couple of meetings at the Town Hall this morning I arrived home at around 12:20pm to find the bag by my front door – 3 working days from order. Good job.

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We pay our local taxes and we expect service. What’s the big deal here?

Most of us re-cycle. We know the service works.

We mostly all have white recycling bags so we don’t need you to show us a picture of one.

Tell us and show us things that we probably don’t know about…like:

+ the likely size of this year’s parking ‘tax’ – £20 million perhaps?

+ the Council’s CPZ policy

+ the date of the upcoming LDF public consultation

+ your views on the Lido Junction public consultation

+ your views on the proposed massive increase in size for Fielding Primary School

+ what’s happening re the Government’s Public Enquiry on the Glenkerrin Planning Application?

+ what’s happening re the year-long boarded up Daniel Quarter/Lovelace House?

+your views on the Dean Gardens public consultaion



The council successfully carries out millions, literally millions, of transactions every year. It also makes many mistakes as you might expect. As a councillor doing casework on behalf of residents I am often confronted by these mistakes and it is easy to fall into the mindset that everything the council does is crap when in fact the council does a lot of things very well a most of the time.

I have been trying to record my direct experience of council services under the “customer services” heading to ensure that I keep some contact with reality. I am very happy to record negative experiences as they arise but also I want to record the many ordinary things that go right too.

I am not complacent and I have lots of challenging conversations with officers demanding more and better for residents.

It’s called balance Eric. I will respond to your list in a posting later.


Be careful to write your house number on your bag Phil! We got a nice new one the other week and put it out for the first time, only to get someone else’s old one back!


Callum May Says:
March 14th, 2009 at 5:27 pm e

White sacks were a great service when I lived in a terrace house in one part of the borough, Phil. But as soon as I moved to a block of flats, (the ground floor, I might add, and on a main road) I was told that the council wouldn’t collect my recyclables. Annoying in the extreme!



This is a problem and I know that my colleague Sue Emment who is responsible for this area is trying to solve it. We will not get the level of recycling we want to achieve without including flats but we need to run a whole new system alongside the existing one as it will simply not do the job. We have made steady progress in this area and we intend to keep making it. I am sorry I don’t know the timetable as it is not my area – I don’t suppose we will announce a scheme until it is ready to go.


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