Ealing and Northfield

You can draw a straight line from Labour’s John McDonnell to Ealing looter Syed Bokhari

Seba ElectronicsToday the Daily Mail identified Calais Jungle activist Syed Bokhari as being one of the thugs that looted the Seba Electronics store on the Uxbridge Road in West Ealing during the riots in 2011.

Bokhari’s leftwing activist history in Ealing goes back to 2010 when he appeared as a spokesman for Right to Work Campaign at an Ealing public meeting hosted by the Anti Academies Alliance at Acton High School.

ealing public meeting

It was all a bit incestuous as the Anti Academies Alliance was essentially a Socialist Workers Party front organisation and so was the Right to Work Campaign. You all know Bob Crow and Eve Turner is another SWP connected leftist.

God only knows what Ealing councillor Daniel Crawford was doing there. Dan is more of a centrist Labour man. Blairite even. He was probably just being a bit naive as a new councillor finding his feet.

Anyway Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell chaired the now defunct Right to Work Campaign which was founded in 2010 according to the Guardian. McDonnell encourages people to break the law so the looting was just what the boss wanted.

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