Ealing and Northfield

Stop and Shop plans abandoned? No, just deferred

It seems to me more like Labour’s man in charge of parking, Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, has made a tactical retreat rather than abandoning his plans to make Stop and Shop parking in the borough complicated and expensive. used the words “abandon” and “scrapped” in their piece today but if you read down to the bottom you will see that Mahfouz is waffling on about a review and that “Findings from the review will start to be implemented towards the end of the year.”

If I was a local trader I would keep that petition going.

Of course, like most things, it is about money. It was decided at an Ealing Council Cabinet on 24th November 2015 that the council would raise an extra £75K by making life more awkward for shoppers (go to Item 7, Appendix 1, line P03). Click image below to enlarge.

Parking proposals

It is hard for the layman to work out that when the council says:

Introduction of free new parking permits giving residents 30 minutes to ‘park and shop’ in dedicated bays in high street locations, supporting local businesses

that this means we are going to charge you more. It is this kind of murky crap that gives councils a bad name.

I suspect “saving” £140K (ie charging £140K more) for suspensions and dispensations is going to cause even more eye watering increases for a smaller group of people.

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