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Ealing MP to speak at open borders meeting

Rally against racism

On Saturday I was given this leaflet on Ealing Broadway by a grey haired bloke with a pony tail – you know the look. Anti-racism is an impeccable cause but you can stand against racism without standing with a bunch of revolutionary socialists. These people have a much narrower agenda, in fact they spell it out on their facebook site:

Over the last 2 years Stand Up To Racism has played a pivotal role against police racism, organising solidarity for refugees and for the government to open the borders.

These people literally think that by prising open the UK’s borders that this will lead to a revolution in the UK and then on to a socialist utopia. They really do.

What on Earth is Rupa Huq doing speaking at this meeting? Last year she stood on Labour’s general election manifesto which offered “stronger borders” and the recruitment of an extra 1,000 borders staff (page 49 and 50 reproduced below).

Labour's manifesto on border controls

Is Huq going to go to the meeting and argue for stronger borders or has she changed her mind? Most likely she merely hopes to appease the Momentum crowd she will need to have onside to get reselected.

2 replies on “Ealing MP to speak at open borders meeting”

Nice to see you are still maintaining the blog Phil. I think your sidebar needs an update though as the first link to the MP for Ealing Central and Acton and Councillor for Hobbayne are both no longer valid as both were defeated by Labour.



Quite right about my sidebar. But, rather than picking up minor points you might address the point I raise.

You might share your opinion on open borders with Ealing residents. The 2015 Labour manifesto looks very different to the objectives of the Stand Up to Racism group whose event you are speaking at. They explicitly say they are campaigning for open borders. Where do you stand?

If we are talking again, which is nice, are you going to unblock me on Twitter? Bit of a poor way to treat a perfectly polite if critical constituent. Same goes for Onkar Sahota. You both represent me.


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