Ealing and Northfield

Rupa Huq’s Christmas present from LibDem Oakeshott

Watching Newsnight just now on Labour/LibDem cross-dressing “Progressive” (Lord) Matthew Oakeshott I recalled that Ealing Central and Acton Labour candidate Rupa Huq is a beneficiary of Oakeshott’s generosity. He shelled out £10,000 on Christmas Eve to her campaign. A nice Christmas present.

Oakeshott's office

Man of the people Oakeshott likes to do his property business out of offices in St James. Not quite sure how that works. I wonder what LibDem candidate Jon Ball thinks of Oakeshott’s “progressive alliance”. Not much I suspect as he is not included.

A picture is emerging of Rupa Huq’s donors. A multi-millionaire property man. A jet-setting millionaire influencer. An accountant who gives through his company rather than use his own cash to make it tax deductible.

Huq’s donors don’t look attractive at all.

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