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Two Ealingites who are glad to be out of Tower Hamlets today

Today the bent Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, was defenestrated in the High Court. There are two Ealing personalities who will be glad they are well off out of it.

Martin SmithOne is the Ealing Council Chief Executive, Martin Smith. Martin was the Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets until he fell foul of Lutfur Rahman.

Martin is an all round good guy and Ealing is lucky to have him. He is also the returning officer for the three Ealing constituencies that will be contested in two weeks’ time – which brings me to the second Ealingite.

Rupa Huq in Tower HamletsIn 2007 I am sure that Ealing Central and Acton Labour candidate, Rupa Huq, was disappointed to lose out to Rushnara Ali in the competition to become Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the Bethnal Green & Bow constituency.

Huq stood as the Unison candidate and both Lutfur Rahman and John Biggs were on the shortlist. Eight years later and Unison in Tower Hamlets had switched its allegiance from Rupa Huq to Lutfur Rahman.

Both Smith and Huq must be glad to be operating in genteel Ealing in the west rather than bent, broken Tower Hamlets in the east.

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