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When Rupa Huq says “this time” she gives the game away

With two words tonight Rupa Huq repudiated 13 years of New Labour and her benefactor Tony Blair. 35 seconds into her summing up at tonight’s CCA Hustings at Acton Town Hall Rupa Huq said:

We do have a progressive programme this time.

What she means is that Labour has put New Labour behind it and will be substantially different if it gains power in eight days’ time. Pulled even further to the left by the SNP we are in for a grim time indeed if Milibandite Old Labour forms the next government.

By the way, don’t be fooled by the loud clapping at the end. It was dominated by six people around me who had the loud handclap technique down pat.

4 replies on “When Rupa Huq says “this time” she gives the game away”

Labour Party nowadays barely even qualify as socialist…

I’m sure you understand this, but it obviously suits your rhetoric to paint them as some sort of Militant Tendency throw back.

Your reporting is too partisan to be in any way illuminating



I didn’t say Militant.

I don’t pretend to be non-partisan. People who frame the world like that are typically on the soft left and trying to win an argument without any argument.

I do hope to illuminate but you do have to have your eyes open to see.


My take on it is this Phil:

Labour have increasingly moved further towards the right. Maybe this is a good thing – ideally we probably want all parties to approach a ‘centre’ broad consensus. However there will be some rebalancing on both sides at various stages. A move (somewhat) to the left by Labour this time does not in my opinion mean that they have abandoned a fundamentally centrist position. The same thing (in the opposite direction) is probably happening with the Tories. I don’t read you talking about a lunge to the right from them…

I realise you talk from a Tory perspective, but the best reporting will consider both sides in a fair light, and then offer opinion based on that. Agree?



I don’t set out to offer a phoney objectivity. It is quite clear where I am coming from as an ex-Conservative councillor and an active activist who might be knocking on your door shortly.

I hope I am always truthful. I certainly like a good row. You will not find me defending weak or stupid Conservative positions. Typically the Conservatives have enough strong ones to give me lots of material. One of my frustrations about the Coalition is that the Conservatives have been not been clear and loud enough about their many successes and their excellent record. You only have to look at a subject like housing say to see that the Labour record is excruciatingly bad and that their promises are unlikely to be delivered.

When even the FT and Economist, which are both essentially centrist, say vote Conservative you know that Labour has gone too far left. Both essentially said that although they hate the idea of a referendum on Europe Miliband is so off with the fairies that the only safe course is to vote Conservative.


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