Ealing and Northfield

Southfield’s roads neglected by Labour – Southfield loses £500K

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Southfield Shirley RoadThe Southfield ward, the part of Chiswick which comes under the London Borough of Ealing, has had a terrible roads deal under Labour.

Pictured right we have one of our Southfield candidates Patrick Barr on the repeatedly patched Shirley Road.

No footpaths will be renewed in the 2011/2015 period during which the current Labour council has been in charge of deciding road spending.

Only three short stretches of road are being resurfaced:

Southfield roads

As I explained on Thursday Labour is only spending £17.5 million on roads in the current four year cycle, a drop of one third compared with the previous Conservative administration.

If this cash had been shared equally between all 23 Ealing wards they would have got £761K each. Southfield has only had £232K. Southfield has lost £529K.

The Southfield LibDem councillors cannot protect Southfield from the depredations of a Labour council. The only people who can make sure that Southfield gets its fair share are the Conservatives.

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