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Is Ealing’s Labour council sharing out road spending fairly?

We know that Labour has cut road spending by a third (which is £8 million). As well as this huge cut the distribution of the remaining money has been very uneven. I commented on this last year but the pattern remains the same this year.

Road spending 2011-2015

If you analyse where the roads and pavements have been worked on there is a marked divergence between each of Ealing’s three Parliamentary constituencies.

Ealing Southall has lost out, getting only 1/4 of the money rather than the 1/3rd it might have expected – and down a third at the outset too. Ealing Central and Acton has done even worse, getting less than 1/5th of the overall spend. Meanwhile Ealing North has had over half the money, more than the other two constituencies combined.

You might expect some ebb and flow from year to year but to see such a notable distribution over four years seems strange indeed to me. I reckon that Ealing Southall is down about £4 million compared to when the Conservatives were in power and Ealing Central and Acton is down £5 million. The lucky people in Ealing North are £1 million up even in these straightened times. It is incredible to see one constituency getting 3 times more than another over four years.

Road spending 2011-2015 table

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One reply on “Is Ealing’s Labour council sharing out road spending fairly?”

ealing southall despite being dominated by labour doesnt get a huge boost, surely enough to see there isnt a bias here?

also the conservatives spent almost nothign in southall, if you disagree lets see the breakdown


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