Ealing and Northfield

Acton’s roads neglected by Labour – Acton loses £1.3 million

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The photo above is Valetta Road in East Acton, the ward where I am standing on 22nd. It could easily be Spencer Road in Acton Central or Bollo Bridge Road in South Acton. Acton has had a terrible roads deal under Labour. At first sight this seems surprising as Acton has 9 Labour councillors and the leader of the council, Julian Bell, lives in Acton. Although Labour has committed almost a £1 million to Acton’s roads and footpaths during the 2011-2015 period that they have been in charge this still leaves Acton £1.3 million short.

The following roads and footpaths will be resurfaced in the 2011/2015 period:

Acton roads

As I explained on Thursday Labour is only spending £17.5 million on roads in the current four year cycle, a drop of one third compared with the previous Conservative administration.

If this cash had been shared equally between all 23 Ealing wards they would have got £761K each. East Acton has done least badly but is still short £287K. South Acton has lost £486K. Acton Central has fared worst losing £534K. Across Acton that adds up to £1,307K.

Why has Acton lost this money? Because it has been diverted to Ealing North.

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