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Council leader short changes Ealing twice over with South of France jolly

Julian Bell at MIPIMCouncil leader Julian Bell arrived in Cannes in the South of France yesterday afternoon for the MIPIM property show in time for the opening fireworks and cocktail party at the Carlton Hotel. He has just completed a six day cycle ride from London. It started off last Thursday morning and ended yesterday afternoon. The MIPIM property show in Cannes goes on until the weekend.

Carlton Cannes

Councillor Bell is short-changing Ealing twice over. He draws an allowance of £41,400 from Ealing council on the understanding that he is doing a fulltime role. Unlike previous leader Jason Stacey who did do the job fulltime, taking a pause in a successful career, Bell still moonlights two days a week as a paid researcher for Ealing Southall MP Virendra Sharma. Not only does Ealing lose Bell’s full attention but most residents would be uncomfortable with the conflict of interest inherent with the leader of the council being so closely associated with one part of the Borough. Talking of conflicts of interest what does Ealing owe Broadgate Estates now?

Both of Bell’s jobs come with significant downtime which coincides with school holidays. Parliament wasn’t in recess last week or this and the council is in full swing. Taking 10 days out for a jolly is not on.

Freeze strap

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What Ealing needs is internal development and investment in sustainable (i.e. not higher than three storeys) public housing and not luxury investment estates for the overseas investor. Ealing should have no presence at this trade show and should concentrate on fixing itself.

P.S. Have you noticed that the Southall road improvement works are spending a disproportionate amount of money on expensive granite paving stones – money that could be better used to re-surface local roads?


Councillor Taylor,

Sir! I look forward to a live-recorded video clip from your mobile phone posted on this website of Council Leader Bell’s explanation of his participation in this jolly from a question posed by you or one of your cohorts at the next full Council Meeting in line with your official right under the new Local Audit and Accountability Act that specifically deals with the rights of the public to film meetings allowing you to add live-recorded video of council proceedings to your blog!

Good hunting!



I’d like to hear from Julian Bell on the outcome of this trip. Perhaps he was looking for an alternative to ARC whose development is scheduled to mess up Acton for generations to come. Let’s hear it Julian. What were you actually doing?


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