Cllr Tailor: Please stop claiming credit and clean up Hoylake Road

Tailor's Potemkin VillageIn its rush to be seen to getting things finished off before the local elections Labour is cutting a few corners. On Wednesday the Council put out a press release along with a photo of Labour’s Cllr Tailor who speaks on housing for them. Cllr Tailor is photographed at the rear of the three new houses in Hoylake Road.


The view out the front is somewhat different. The council’s contractor has left a load of old pallets and a full pallet of turf out on the green half way down Hoylake Road. The mess on the right is on the public highway and simply shouldn’t be there. I do hope that Cllr Tailor will get this mess cleared up quickly. He is quick enough to brag about the council building new council houses in his ward, typically he doesn’t even notice the mess outside the front.

The council’s press release was at least even handed enough to point out that this programme dates back to 2009 and was started under the previous Conservative administration. The Hoylake development is first identified in cabinet papers in January 2010. Cllr Tailor has been in charge of this programme for four years and it has taken four years to get the job done. Why so long?

Labour bragging

Cllr Tailor and his Labour comrades would have you believe that Labour is the fount of all good things in the Borough. In truth there is very little that Labour can brag about that wasn’t started off by the Conservatives four years ago. The only major exceptions are the Southall car park, the gold-plated civic quarter and shiny new hub offices for council staff.

Freeze strap

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