Labour’s South Acton councillors misleading on roads

Bollo Lane

The South Acton councillors were either very poorly informed or just plain not telling the truth about road re-surfacing at the South Acton ward forum last Wednesday.

First off Mik Sabiers tried to suggest that the Labour council has spent more on the roads than the previous Conservative administration. Plain wrong. And with his experience of the finances of Ealing Council he should know better. Between 2006-2010 the Conservative administration allocated £25.5 million to roads. The current Labour administration has allocated £17.5 million, a 30% cut.

The councillors also implied, contrary to the official line taken by the council, that they have influenced road spending decisions. These are meant to be taken in an entirely objective way by officers on the basis of an annual condition survey of the roads (with some tweaking to come up with a cost-effective overall programme). Looking at the distribution I have my doubts. Five Labour dominated wards have had more than a £1 million spent on them in the last three years.

The councillors asserted that South Acton had done quite well on road resurfacing. Whilst South Acton may have done better than the other Acton wards it has done really very badly with only three roads having been tackled in 3 years.

The list of Acton roads and footpaths resurfaced under Labour is here:

Acton road resurfacing

Only £503K has been spent in Acton so far. This is £2.8 million less than a fair share of the Conservative roads spend and £1.8 million less than a fair share of Labour’s reduced road spend.

The last chance for Acton to get some road spending before the local elections will be the cabinet meeting on 25th March at which the Labour cabinet will agree the list of roads to share the last tranche of £3.5 million they are planning to spend. Just for Acton to get its fair share of Labour’s reduced road spending they will have to allocate £1.8 million to Acton. Although it is much needed I fear Acton won’t get it.

Labour’s South Acton councillors haven’t got a clue.

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