Ealing and Northfield

One third of Ealing’s streets still unacceptably dirty in June

I have just obtained the latest street cleaning numbers. A third (34%) of Ealing streets were still unacceptably dirty in June. 15 months into Enterprise’s contract and still the contractor is nowhere near getting to the required standard of cleaning 95% of streets to the national recognised Grade A standard, ie only 5% not good enough. Enterprise is 7 times worse than it should be.

Street cleaning June 2013

The graph shows the rate of Grade A cleaned streets first time (in blue). The council then checks about 20% of the streets (down from 50%), the contractor is asked to reclean the failed ones and the council inspects some of those a second time. The red line is the rate at which that minority of streets is Grade A. Amazingly after two cleans 17% of the failed streets were not good enough. In June 77% of streets were never looked at, statistically they were 34% dirty and were never looked at again.

The blue line is the set of figures that most accurately match residents’ perception of the service they get. The red line is really just an artefact of the not very effective performance management regime that the council is using to attempt to manage Enterprise. Both lines show a marked deterioration under the new contract.

Earlier this year Labour spokesman Bassam Mahfouz was claiming that Ealing streets were 99% clean. This was a sleight of hand. Mahfouz thinks he can take a number out of context and fool people if he repeats enough. For two months in January and February the 20% of streets that were inspected eventually got up to 99% clean after the dirty ones got a second clean. 20% of the remaining 80% of streets were unacceptably dirty, were never inspected and remained dirty.

Since the winter months spring growth has highlighted Mahouz’s lying with numbers.

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