Ealing and Northfield

Let’s gold plate the Town Hall – phase 5


As you may have noticed the council is currently working on the latest phase of its £2 million project to tart up the Town Hall. They are currently pulling up the perfectly good paving slabs outside Perceval House and replacing them with York stone.

As you can see from my photo the existing pavement is in very good condition, much better than the pavement outside many of your houses. Certainly much better than the undulating brick pavements on the south side of Ealing Broadway.

This work is due to last two weeks from Monday 8th. I have asked how much and what the condition of the pavement was before they ripped it up.

The briefing note on the project came with the following line in the cover note:

Please note that the Comms team are aware of the works and have decided not to publicise this online.

Not at all embarrassed then.

2 replies on “Let’s gold plate the Town Hall – phase 5”

This really is appalling.

Still the Council hasn’t yet given away this newly paved wide footpath to QPR for them to play football on – yet…

Labour – the peoples’ party eh?


More like the senior officers Party who run the borough like the kremlin.

Oooooh we have got a bit a bit of money from somewhere. How can WE spend it? Followed by that overused word celebration to rejoice in profligate spending, while the Food banks get longer.

Let’s wreck the environment. Let’s kick the elders while they are down. Let’s give the kids football and football only, because rowing or shot putting or some other non TV sport is not sexy.

Better not to give kids character forming activities just in case they see through us when they grow up.

If one of our own is being attacked publicly and rightly, then we will blame a politician. and if a politician is being attacked so long as it does not rub off on us then who cares?

If we say no, and someone has the impertinence to object, then we get rude. we stamp on them and get more rude.

Hasn’t anyone told these creeps that there are some good natural alternatives to York stone in this modern world, which costs less?


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