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Ealing’s MAMILs will have a bumpy ride

Bell cyclingThis morning Cllr Bell, the leader of the council, is leading a group of cyclists on a ride from Ealing town Hall to City Hall to promote Ealing’s bid for part of the Mayor’s “mini-Holland” scheme. He is to be congratulated on finding an imaginative way of promoting the Borough’s bid.

No doubt we will see lots of pictures of Cllr Bell and his sidekick Cllr Bassam Mahfouz in their Lycra. Both of these Labour politicians make much of their cycling and much of the cycling projects that go on in the Borough. The truth is though that Ealing council spends hardly anything on cycling except for the odd bit of cash dispensed by ward forums. The biggest source of cycling funds is Boris Johnson’s Transport for London backed up with some Section 106 money here and there.

As Ealing’s own king MAMILs cycle down the Uxbridge Road trashing their expensive wheels in the process they will find that it is no use having cycle lanes, bike hubs, bike repair clinics, taster sessions and coaching if the council doesn’t keep the roads in good order. After Labour has slashed the roads building budget by 40% there is no hope that cyclists will get a better deal from the Ealing Labour group anytime soon. Their priorities for the Borough’s own funds are tarting up the Town Hall and building a car park in Southall.

2 replies on “Ealing’s MAMILs will have a bumpy ride”

Councillor Bell may continue to ride out of Ealing on his bike if the storms around planning guidance for Onka Sahotra and the Warren Form scandal begin to break.

What is this thing about cycling. Is it an addiction? Is it a treatable condition?



I like my bike and biking has visibly been good for Cllr Bell – he looks way fitter than he did a couple of years ago.

The most important resource for cycling is a flat surface. Merely re-cycling money from TfL and making a big song and dance about it doesn’t get the roads in a good condition for cycling. Labour has taken 40% out of road spending so their Lycra parade is a little hollow.


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