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Another Ealing militant malcontent

Earlier today in the Telegraph Labour MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, used the phrase militant malcontents to describe Len McLusky, Unite and its machine politics. I have previously talked about how one group of militant malcontents, the Socialist Workers Party, are working in our education system here in Ealing.

Mik Sabiers on FTT

Mik Sabiers EalingAnother one is the lovely Mik Sabiers, one of the South Acton councillors. To talk to he is a charming man but his financial ideas are out there with the fairies. He seems to be very pleased to be promoting the FTT at the next council meeting. Fancifully he refers to it as the Robin Hood Tax. His motion says:

“This council notes the continued negative impact of the Tory-led government’s cuts programme on local residents and believes there is an alternative to the ideologically driven attack on our valued local public services.

Recognising the rise in speculation on financial markets that have resulted in large rewards with little effort for a select few to the detriment of the many, council calls for central government to fully implement the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) to not only cover shares but other assets including bonds and derivatives. This would help raise some £20 billion from those speculating on markets rather than those making long term investments.

Council therefore calls upon the government to enact the FTT and direct the revenues from this measure to reverse on-going cuts in central grants to local councils across the country which could use the funds to invest in jobs, homes, schools, businesses and across their local Communities.”

Didn’t Cllr Sabiers get the memo from Ed Miliband and Ed Balls saying that the fiscal discipline bought in by the Coalition would be stuck to by Labour? No, Sabiers wants to turn on Brown’s spending taps again. I guess that the Ealing Labour group will vote for this en bloc – flying in the face of the discipline the Labour leadership is trying to enforce on the party.

Cllr Sabiers views are easiest to understand if you pull out his declaration of interests. He is a member of three unions: Unite, GMB and the NUJ. He is actually an employee of Len McLuskey’s Unite. Cllr Sabiers likes to call himself a journalist. He is paid to do internal comms for Unite – and put up silly motions at Ealing Council. None of this will get your street looking nice.

2 replies on “Another Ealing militant malcontent”

‘Street looking nice’ seems to be top of your and other Tory Councillors’ lists in terms of electioneering to keep your jobs in 2014.

Taxing the very rich is a well established Socialist approach and has been for many years. It’s not just the view of Mr Sabiers.

As for the national Labour leadership trying to introduce ‘discipline’ that’s just one view of what is happening. The history of the British Labour Party and the history of the rights for workers/Trades Unions movement are inextricably interlinked. The Unions are major funders of today’s Labour Party and want their say in what the party stands for and who runs it. If it’s discovered that the Unions have done some things illegally in terms of candidate selections/elections then no doubt the guilty will be punished.

I’m no apologist for any political party but it seems to be that the Tories are just as beholden and snookered by their billionaire capitalist pay masters as Labour are by their well heeled Socialist Union bosses.


Hi Eric,

I think you will find that people spending £1,000 – £2,000 a year on a property tax to a “local authority” will expect their street to look nice. Call them a small minded members of the bourgeoisie if you want.

You obviously missed the data from the ONS this week that show that the current administration is rather better at taxing the rich than Blair and Brown were. After 13 years of Labour they managed to impose the 50p tax rate for 30 whole days from April 6th to May 6th 2010. Every year of the Coalition will tax the rich more than Labour ever did.


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