Ealing and Northfield

Ealing’s street cleaning is seriously broken – over 1/3rd of streets unacceptably dirty in May

The last two month’s street cleaning figures have been dire to say the least. The proportion of streets cleaned right first time fell to 65% in May according to the answer to a written question (number 39) asked by me at the last council meeting.

Street cleaning falls in May

For the last year (2011/12) of the old May Gurney service the contractor very consistently managed to get 88% properly clean first time. The Enterprise contract requires that a level of 95% is achieved.

Last year on average Enterprise was appalling, only managing to get 70% of streets right first time over the course of the year. In April only 76% of streets were right first time. In May this number fell to 65%. So over 1/3rd of all the Borough’s streets were unacceptably dirty after the first clean in May.

The council inspected 28% of streets in April and 22% in May and sent the contractor back to clean them. Of these reinspected streets 95% in April and 86% in May finally made the grade. Astoundingly in May 14% of the streets inspected (only one in 5) were still unacceptably dirty after 2 cleans. The original concept of the contract was that 95% of streets should be Grade A clean first time. How far we are from that vision.

The only way the council will solve this is to increase the number of inspections it does. Right now it is cheaper for the contractor to go back to a few streets and re-clean them than it is for them to get it right first time across the Borough. Only when the level of inspections increases will the contractor be forced to get it right first time. Cutting the inspections was a mistake.

Jason Stacey’s Conservatives in 2006 proved that the only way to clean up Ealing is to focus on it and hold the contractor to account. This administration is failing to do that.

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