Ealing and Northfield

Northfield’s Bramley Gardens gets a Green Flag


Great news that Ealing has done well with Keep Britain Tidy’s Green Flag scheme. The Borough had two of these awards and has added 7, the most new sites for any borough in the UK.


One of the new Green Flags goes to Northfield’s very own renewed green space, Bramley Gardens by the Tube station (photo taken on May when the alliums were pushing through the daffodils). The Northfield councillors have been working on improving this area since we were elected in 2006. We used the opportunity presented by the new children’s centre at the Log Cabin to remodel the green space and got the full support of the ward forum to contribute financially.

All of these things take some time to come to fruition but it is great to see the Keep Britain Tidy acknowledging the improvements.

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