Ealing and Northfield

Southfield gets 4th worst roads settlement

Southfield ward with its three LibDem councillors has also been shockingly treated by the Labour administration. It has had nothing spent on its pavements in three years. In three years one road has been resurfaced. Whellock Road at a cost of £87K in 2012. Nothing spent in 2011. Nothing due to be spent this year.

Southfield is getting the 4th worst deal on roads in the Borough.

Ealing has spent £12 million on its roads in the last three years so on average you might expect Southfield to get £522K. Southfield has one sixth (17%) of its share of Labour’s much reduced spend on roads.

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Dane Road is in Southall Broadway. This ward has had £494K spent on it in the last three years. This is just below the average per ward of £522K you might expect if every ward had an equal share.

The latest condition rating for Dane Road is 61.30. 0 is perfect 100.0 is absolutely terrible. When it gets up above 70 it will probably get done.

Labour has allocated £12 million in three years and is looking at £3 million next year, so about £15 million in four years. This compares with £25 million for the four years whilst the Conservatives were in power. So Labour is spending 40% less and it will therefore take much longer to get to your road.

Labour is spending £5 million on a Southall Car Park and £10 million on various council offices. They could get to your road faster but they have other priorities.

Your road will cost somewhere in the order of £100-200K to do I would guess.


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