Ealing and Northfield

How Labour’s limited roads cash is shared: Over half goes to five Labour wards

The process of deciding which roads and pavements to resurface is meant to be entirely objective and decided purely by officers. You do have to wonder though how it comes out with such diverse outcomes for different wards. Labour has cut road spending by 40% so it is all the more important that the money is spent fairly.

Road spending by ward

This graph show the breakdown of spending on roads for each ward for the last three years that Labour has been in control. I have colour coded the bars so you can see which wards voted for which parties (note that Hobbayne, Perivale and Northolt Mandeville have one Conservative and two Labour councillors and Elthorne has one from all three parties). The average spend per ward is £522K, represented by the thick black bar. The numbers are tabulated below.

Road spending ward breakdown

14 wards have had less than the average. I have already highlighted the four wards that have done worst getting 1/6th or less of their share.

Over the last three years five Labour wards have each had over £1 million spent on their roads and together have had half of all spending lavished on them. The leader of the council’s ward, Greenford Broadway, has done well. Cllr Julian Bell’s ward came 3rd, getting £1.265 million. The man in charge of this spending, Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, represents Northolt West End ward and quite by chance his ward came 2nd, getting £1.325 million. Perivale has done best getting three times the average spend. You wonder how absent Cllr Rennie managed to achieve this. Certainly his Labour ward colleague Sitarah Anjum wants to claim credit.

Anjum bragging

Last year the two Labour Northolt Mandeville councillors were caught red-handed making similar claims.

Are these Labour councillors idly bragging or is the system not as objective as one might like?

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