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Acton Central gets 3rd worst roads deal

Spencer Road

This picture shows Spencer Road in Acton Central, again with patches. Again you might think that Acton Central would have had some money spent on its roads under the last three years of a Labour administration. It also has three Labour councillors. The answer is no. Again. It has had nothing spent on its pavements in three years. In three years one road has been resurfaced. Essex Road at a cost of £72K in 2011. Nothing spent in 2012. Nothing due to be spent this year.

Acton Central is getting the 3rd worst deal on roads in the Borough.

Ealing has spent £12 million on its roads in the last three years so on average you might expect Acton Central to get £522K. Acton Central has had less than one seventh (14%) of its share of Labour’s much reduced spend on roads.

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