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Loomis being dangerous and smashing things up

Cash transportation company Loomis who do business with the Sainsburys Local on Boston Manor Road are totally taking the Mickey. Local resident Nigel Brooks took this photo of a Loomis security van mounting the pavement adjacent to a pedestrian crossing at 8.20am this morning. As well as endangering pedestrians large vehicles like this on brand new pavements smash them up pretty quickly. Judging by the four large vehicles stopped adjacent to the Sainsbury’s in this photo it looks like the delivery drivers are just ignoring the zigzags.

If you use this branch of Sainsbury’s please bend the manager’s ear. I have reported it to the police. I will get round there tomorrow. I have also written to Loomis having talked to their operations people on the phone on two previous occasions. In this case the driver needs firing frankly. These vehicles are simply not entitled to be on the pavement at any time.


I talked to the store manager Miriam on Saturday and this morning I got the following response from Loomis on Twitter (quite a good way of getting in their faces):

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The vehicle behind the Loomis van is parked legally in a couple of car parking spaces.

The Loomis vehicle ROUTINELY either use the pavement or occupy the solitary disabled parking bay on Boston Parade.

We supposedly have lots of ‘Civil Enforcement Ofiicers’, it would be nice to see them living up to their job title for once.


Not only complain to Sainsbury’s about Loomis, but tell Sainsbury’s that if you see it happening again you will stop shopping at Sainsbury’s. Sales and profits are what drive supermarket operations, and actions have consequencies.


Northfields Ave Sainsbury’s is as bad in the mornings about 8.30 with up to 3 big lorries delivering at once, often blocking the traffic. Not sure they’re quite parked illegally, but it’s at rush hour and it won’t be long until the young trees planted there when the stretch was tidied up (poss even paid for by Sainsbury’s?) will be uprooted by one of them – their wire mesh guards have already been bashed and pulled around and one of the trees pushed over a bit … good quality, local convenience stores – good; large HGVs delivering to them – has to be a better way.


Had to laugh at Erics comment, I asked you were being given serious

II say go and have another attempt at a redesign of lido or just let the council come up with a better solution


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