Ealing and Northfield

Labour’s Bell not earning his pay

Council leader Julian Bell is off on his bike for six days to the South of France. He leaves today and will cycle for six days to Cannes on a charity bike ride associated with the MIPIM property conference which itself runs through to Friday of next week.

Bell takes a salary for doing two jobs. He takes a fulltime allowance to be leader of the council. Unlike his Conservative predecessor Jason Stacey he doesn’t do a fulltime job though. He also works two days a week and draws a salary as a Parliamentary researcher for Southall MP Virendra Sharma. Both of these jobs have extensive holidays. We all know how many days that Parliament has off. The council also goes very quiet during school holidays which is the natural time for councillors to take time off (unless they are Cllr Ed Rennie).

I hope that Cllr Bell raises some money for charity. Maybe, like Cllr Rennie, he will also be giving some of his taxpayer funded income to charity too. Hopefully nothing much will happen over the 10 days or so for his lacklustre deputy, Cllr Ranjit Dheer, to deal with.

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