Ealing and Northfield

The Conservative freeze

This week I got a nice letter from council leader Julian Bell while he is having a cycling holiday to the South of France. I guess that you got the same one too with your council tax demand. It jauntily talks about the continuing council tax freeze.

There is lots of stuff it doesn’t mention.

First off your bill is just about the only bill you have which is going down and it is all down to the Conservatives. The Conservative London mayor, Boris Johnson, has actually fractionally cut his bill so the overall council tax bill will go down.

The freeze that Bell is talking about started four year ago under the previous Conservative administration. We froze the tax for two years running. When we froze the council tax there was no CT Freeze Grant from Gordon Brown. Since 2010 the Labour council has accepted £18 million of CT Freeze Grant from the “Tory-led Coalition” as they like to call it. This is totally new money that the council can spend on what it likes. They don’t like to talk about this as it seriously undermines their cuts message.

I am glad that Ealing Labour has reformed itself (with £18 million of central government persuasion). In the twelve years Labour ran Ealing from 1994 to 2006 it increased Council Tax by a staggering 179% – 48% in its last four years from 2002 to 2006.

Conservatives cost you less. As soon as Labour gets the chance to stick its hands in your pockets you can be sure that it will.

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