New Telegraph Police commentator complaining not informing

It looks like the Telegraph has taken ex-Met Assistant Commissioner John Yates on as a regular commentator on policing affairs. He wrote last Friday and this week. Last week he was praising policemen and warning about elected police commissioners. This week he is on about cuts. Yates sounds like too much of a spokesman for police producer interests and not enough like an independently minded commentator.

He points out that the Met has to deal with making cuts of £769 million. Yates fails to put the £769 million in the context of the Met’s overall £3.7 billion spend. This is 20% of their overall spend like many other parts of the public services. The deficit has to be tackled. End of.

He points out that most of their budget is manpower. The way to tackle it is to deal with staff terms and conditions.

Why is it the Met get free use of public transport in London but don’t travel to work in uniform when they use it? Free, visible policing.

Why not close police canteens and get the police using restaurants and shops like the rest of the working population (most policemen work 9 to 5 like anyone else)? Free, visible policing.

These two proposals on their own give you your 20% back.

Has the Met closed its in house uniform tailoring service yet? How many drivers and limos are still in use? How many residential properties and executive dining rooms? Time to clean house.

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