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Enterprise contract won’t be right until end of September – if we are lucky

Shockingly the council has admitted that street cleaning is not going to be up to scratch until the end of September, fully six months after its contractor Enterprise started the street collection and cleaning portion of their £15 million per annum contract.

This whole matter is going to be discussed again at the Overview & Scrutiny Committee on Thursday at 7pm. As a prelude the council’s Assistant Director Street Services, Earl Mckenzie, authored a report on the environmental services contract which was published at the end of last week without fanfare. Section 1.4 of the report admits: “… it is planned same day street cleansing will be taking place fully by the end of September 2012.”

The street cleaning figures have been awful since this contract started, as any resident with their eyes open knows. The person in charge of the Ealing rubbish fiasco, Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, has clearly learned his personal philosophy at the knee of Eric Idle. Ealing’s own Comical Ali told us at the last council meeting that 80% of the Borough’s streets were clean enough in the first week of July. It was highly suspicious that he had plucked this one week’s figure out of the air. It seems that the outturn for the whole month was 75% which is markedly better than the previous three months which averaged only 59% good enough (with 41% being unsatisfactory).

Mahfouz repeated his statistical twisiting on the and websites at the start of August.

As we mentioned in a council meeting two weeks ago grade A streets for cleanliness was back over 80% in the first week of July and improving solidly.

The reality was that the service slumped again pulling the average for the month down to 75%. He was less keen too to explain that the reason for this marked improvement (from bad to not so bad) was that the contractor had gone back over sites that had been marked down and cleaned them a second time – had taken resits if you will.

Before April the old contractor routinely got better than 90%. We still have a long way to go before we get there. The end of September will be fully six months since this contract started. Let’s hope that the end of September isn’t another promise made by the council that its contractor fails to keep.

3 replies on “Enterprise contract won’t be right until end of September – if we are lucky”

Good point about the street cleaner always on the phone. I have seen a number of talkative street cleaners.

On the point about clean streets. How many people look at these and how many used to before the cut backs?

You are into stats. How would a reduction of staff affect the reporting of figures?


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