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Ealing’s Comical Ali

Labour’s Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, who is responsible for Transport and Environment in Ealing, has always liked to look on the bright side but today proved that he really is the Comical Ali of Ealing when it comes to the Ealing rubbish fiasco.

In a statement to the and websites today he said:

We know that there have been problems with this contract but things are improving all the time. On Tuesday we saw all streets in the borough returned to kerbside sorting with the complete roll out of new recycling vehicles.

Mahfouz was immediately debunked by a range of Acton and Ealing residents. Here is a selection.

Jerry Foulkes on

There was no kerbside recycling in Sunnyside Road on Tuesday this week (31st July) all the recycling was tossed into one big truck just as it has been since Enterprise took over in April. Either Councillor Mahfouz is mis-informed, or in denial, or both.

Sara Nathan on

Road sweeper in Goldsmith Avenue today – BEFORE the rubbish recycling collection natch- said there was no co-ordination of the different services at all and he had no idea when the rubbish pickup was. This is a hopeless waste of money.

Andy Horridge on

Weds 1 Aug, 8.45pm. The recycling wagon eventually arrived. It was ‘kerbside sorting’, but the vehicle was the ridiculous type that has a hydraulically operated ‘basket’ arrangement that has to be swung upwards every 5 minutes to enable the basket’s contents to be dropped into the vehicle’s hopper(s). The previous contractor’s vehicles were far better suited to the job in both size as well as function.

Nina Battleday on

Our recycling of plastics is usually on Wednesday.On 25 July nothing was collected. I reported this by Email, received a reply telling me that it would be collected, it wasn’t. Not collected 1 Aug either. Phoned Ealing, they told me it would definitely be collected today. Nothing has happened, which does not surprise me in the least. Yet another phone call tomorrow, I fear. Meanwhile, our estate is loaded up with unsightly bags full of plastics.

Nicola Howard on

Again, recycling not collected on Baldwyn Gardens. This is the second week in a row. Collection day is Thursday, not when Enterprise feel like it. It’s about time Bassam Mahfouz resigned and, heads should roll.

Nigel Brooks on

It was all being dumped together on Boston Road this week. The road then received a perfunctory ‘sweep’ and there were green bags dumped for three days before collection. Simply, get your damned act together Cllr Mahfouz. Get out on the streets and stop patronising residents with supposed ‘progress’ reports!!!

Harold John Ward on

You are right the recycling is a joke and the one which is great we have to pay to have our garden rubbish taken away and yet where I live in South Ealing people are just leaving the rubbish out but not in the green bags so its not taken by the lorry that comes for the garden staff so it’s left there then the next day the smaller trucks come round and pick it up because people must complain about it so whats the point of me paying when you can just leave it out and you still pick it up free of charge so this is very unfair on us that have paid don’t you think councillor Bassam Mahfouz?

Jon Kennedy on

Its the same all over u need to phone the council we were promised that the sweeper will come after the collections next week

Ellie Rose on

Sweeper came before the collection today here also in West Acton. After the collection, there were cans, carrier bags and paper all over the road and pavement.

Jocelyn Ridley on

It would be nice to have a collection. For the second week running Baldwyn Gardens has been missed out. Really irritating.

One reply on “Ealing’s Comical Ali”

You may be amused to hear what I did to get my food waste bin emptied – they had ignored it for 2 weeks on the trot and it was beginning to STINK. So what did I do the other Monday evening? I emptied it on the pavement outside my house. Result? Finally they (the street cleaners) took it.

I’ve been listening spellbound to some of the stories I’ve been getting told by some fellow smokers from the customer services call centre about the refuse collectors. Eg ‘we don’t collect from both sides of that street because they don’t pay us enough’. One thing I think you could push on your blog is the chance to get the contractors slapped with a fine every time they miss a collection. Every time they do this AND someone reports it, they have to send a collector out specially AND they get fined for this. So the more people who complain…. Food for though


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