Ealing and Northfield

Parking ticket danger zones – May

I have been keeping track of the parking tickets given out by the Borough, see here. I have just had a look at May’s data, see here.

For comparison the council gave out 197,302 tickets in the 2011/12 financial year (see Annual Report here). I have multiplied the monthly totals by 12 to give the equivalent yearly rate and divided that by last year’s total number of tickets issued to give an idea of the proportion that one road feature or offence represents compared to the whole borough.

During May there were 8 road features or offences in one place that accumulated over 200 tickets in the month. One sixth of all tickets issued in our borough were issued on these sites (17.5%). Interestingly all of the high volume sites are policed with CCTV (the J code indicates a ticket policed by CCTV). The top 8 were:

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