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Missed collections still running 3 times ahead of normal

When we met at the special council meeting called on 8th May by the Conservative group on Ealing Council to discuss the Ealing rubbish fiasco council leader Julian Bell offered soothing words and asked that we keep things “in perspective”. Bell and his Labour administration want you to believe that apart from some mayhem during the first couple of weeks of April everything is all better now.

As I showed yesterday this certainly isn’t true of the street cleaning statistics which show that in May almost half of Ealing’s streets were unacceptably dirty.

The statistics for missed collections show some improvement but also that we are far from out of the woods yet. Although missed collections have halved from April they are still almost three times higher in May than they were the previous May.

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Just how long can you and Councillor Costello bang the drum about this fiasco?

Surely there are more important things to campaign about locally?

The likely closure of Ealing Hospital for example. This will kill more people than rotting food by your garden gate.

Even though the changes to the NHS are your political party’s ‘new’ policy it was good to see Ealing Conservatives up on stage at last night’s ‘No Hospital Closure’ public meeting in Hanwell. Councillor Greg Stafford, Ealing Tories healthcare lead, said that all the Ealing Tory Party Councillors were against the closure.

When might we read about your views about this on your web site?



Yes, I am against the closure of Ealing hospital. It is my local hospital and I use it as do my neighbours. If people want to influence the decision makers they need to respond to the consultation – signatures on a petition will not have nearly as much effect. The consultation is here:

The reconfiguration of local services is projected to save 750 lives a year so comments about killing people are not very helpful. It is being led by Acton GP DR Mark Spencer.

As for government policy I am sure you know that the £20 billion Nicholson challenge which is cited in the documents as a major driver for this programme was kicked off by Labour health secretary Andy Burnham. See here:

The whole point about Nicholson is doing more for the same money. The Tories are keeping their promise to protect NHS budgets in real terms. Labour made no such promise. Total income tax collected in our country is about £160 billion. £20 billion is 1/8 of all income tax. I don’t hear any Labour politician proposing to increase income tax by 12.5% to keep inefficient hospitals going which kill more people. Is that what you are for Eric?

One of the main reasons that Ealing is losing out against West Middlesex in this debate is that a Labour health secretary signed off on a 35 year PFI deal at West Middlesex.

I want to see my hospital protected but it is in a vice created by Labour policies. The Tory policy is not to make it worse – Labour never made that promise.


I’d rather this was not a party politcal issue. I’d like to think that no civilised political party wants to reduce the quantity and quality of universal healthcare in England.

‘Inefficient hospitals which kill people’. Interestng. I haven’t read the research data on that one.

I’m for making universal healthcare a high priority. I’d be looking to save money elsewhere than in healthcare. As with any organisation in financial trouble you either increase revenue and/or reduce expense. I’d be looking to save money by changing England’s policies with regard to (for example) Iraq, Afghanistan, defence spending, international aid, tax collection, Europe, and HS2.

I’m sure the NHS can be made more efficient – but it doesn’t have to be done using such radical, major ‘surgery’.

Dr Kennedy’s proposals, the NHS North West London and the Ealing GP Commissioning Group cite replacing healthcare services at Ealing Hospital with local healthcare services ‘in a community setting’. In which case just where might these community facilities be located in West Ealing community for example? Not in existing GP surgeries, which are alrady full to bursting. Not in extended or new healthcare facilities as none are specified in Ealing Council’s 2012 to 2026 Local Plan.



It is not helpful that Labour figures in Ealing have consistently politicised this issue. When Onkar SAhota kicked off his petitions in November last year, as a part of his election campaign mind, he used the following phrase in his petition:

“We the undersigned believe Ealing Hospital is becoming a victim of the Conservative Government NHS cuts.”

This line was designed to create a dividing line and prevent the local Conservatives from taking part. To this day Labour councillors are tweeting about Tory cuts. They all know that this is a direct lie. The NHS budget has been protected in real terms although it has to be redirected if it is to meet increasing demand (hence Labour’s £20 billion Nicholson challenge). Labour’s naked lying over NHS spending is sick making to me at least. It is hard to work with people who sullenly lie in your face.



While I applaud your effort in raising awareness of the rubbish issue – I believe (as do others) that you harp on from a political perspective and use the fiasco as a point scoring exercise rather than looking in to the root cause… incompetence shown by the Ealing Council officer (s) responsible for managing and administering the contract.

Furthermore I find your last sentence rather amusing “it is hard to work with people who suddenly lie in your face”– your fellow councillor Colm Costello has recently been exposed for creating a sockpuppet (Mark Stevens) on a local forum and blatantly lying to other forum users. Surely this behaviour is unacceptable and should elicit an explanation (resignation) from Councillor Costello?





You are quite right that there must have been some level of incompetence shown by officers. They can talk about their lovely process as much as they like but the result that came out of the end of their sausage machine was at least 4 months, probably 5, of poor service.

That said residents have no choice about using these services and the main lever we have as an opposition is to point out the failings of the administration and to make them feel the pain of their failures. The point is to make the administration get to the bottom of this and fix it to prevent future pain. We are not in power. They are.

I note that when we were in power this was a ball that we took exquisite care not to drop.


Agree somewhat. However you have got incompetence protecting incompetence.

If you delved in to the real reasons why this contract has been such a failure it would expose both officers and the administration.

There is sufficient information out there in the public domain to ask these hard questions.


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