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Clean Up Ealing

This week the local Conservatives launched up our Clean Up Ealing campaign. This picture shows one green bag left by the street cleaners overnight in Mattock Lane, Ealing. By this morning a flytipper had added another bag (slightly different green and not stencilled like the council bags). The flytipped bag contained foodwaste so the foxes have pulled both bags apart looking for food.

In our short time in power we thought that we had licked street cleaning so we are really sorry that since 1st April residents have had to put up with such a poor service from Enterprise, the council’s new contractor, and that our borough has looked so awful. We feel that the Labour administration has played down the scale of the service failure that residents have had to put up with and has been slow to hold the contractor to account.

It looks like residents won’t be getting a proper service across the borough until well into August. By keeping this issue at the top of the political agenda we hope that the council will work harder to put things right and think about how residents can be compensated for five months of poor service.

To help with our campaign take a picture of any problems that you come across and either tweet pictures using the hash tag #CleanUpEaling or email us at and we will put up your pictures and stories on our website and on twitter. To see what is going on click here.

4 replies on “Clean Up Ealing”


I read recently somewhere that Councillors had to to file FOI applications to get info.

If they can do that then they can also take this cleaning issue to the Ombudsman.

Between you and Mark Stevens (lol) you have enough evidence to do that. No one else does apparently.

By taking this course you will continue to satisfy your need to do your opposition politicking, but,wow, you would do the residents a real favour as well.

Perhaps you would like to comment on the colour of your mettle on this issue please.



Most of the time, if you are polite and reasonable you can get answers by just asking whether you are a councillor or a member of the public.

The Local Government Ombudsman isn’t really the answer here. Their job is to look at individual cases. They say themselves that they are not there to look at: “Something affecting all or most of the people living in a council’s area, such as a complaint that the council has wasted public money.”



Thank you.

To be honest I cannot make up my my mind whether the Opposition wants to invoke assistance from a higher authority or whether they are intent on simply doing their political opposition discrediting job.

I am sure what you have found is correct although I can’t find it. However it has not been unknown in the past for the LGO to engage with matters of public interest rather than just individual cases, and there certainly is a public interest issue at the moment for Ealing.

If you do wish to to escalate why don’t you have a quick word with the LGO and you will know in a jiffy. The Audit Commission is doomed, but they have not closed down yet. They also might give you a steer.

Do please let us know what you think. Thanks.


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