Ealing and Northfield

Ealing is visibly dirtier

For the last three months I have been keeping an eagle eye on the performance of Ealing’s new street cleaning, rubbish and re-cycling contractor Enterprise. In particular I have been asking questions to understand the extent of the problems that we have been having.

If residents are wondering why streets across the whole borough have looked much dirtier over the last three months the reason is that they are. It isn’t just perception, it is statistical fact.

Council figures released in an official answer to my question last week show that half of streets checked in May (47%) were unacceptably dirty compared to only 7% the previous May. Things were bad in April with one third of streets checked being unacceptable (33%). They seem to have got much worse in May.

Ealing has got visibly dirtier under the new rubbish and re-cycling contract. Labour needs to put things right now and work out how it can compensate residents for three months of poor service.

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