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Sahota is not what he claims to be

Interesting interview with new GLA member for Ealing and Hillingdon Onkar Sahota on the Londonist blog today.

Sahota is quite happy to speak utter nonsense. He likes to make out that he is a regular GP: “I was a full-time GP. I trained as a doctor at Sheffield medical school but have spent most of my life in Hayes and Ealing. I did my post graduate medical training at St Mary’s in Paddington and joined my first partnership in 1989 in Hanwell.”

Of course he isn’t quite your avuncular family doctor. He is a very successful, large scale medical entrepreneur. I don’t criticize him for that. I criticize him for talking nonsense. He says: “I’ve always worked in the NHS, never in private practice.”

Of course GPs have always wanted to have their cake and eat it. To be get a predictable income from the state but to own and run their own businesses and play all those lovely tax games. The dividends. The family on the payroll. The tax free air fares to medical conferences in Switzerland that make your skiing holidays rather cheaper than regular people’s even though you earn six, eight or ten times the average wage.

Sahota talks about being his own boss and having “three sites with 12,000 patients in Ealing”. Sure he does. He is the sole owner of Healthcare 360 Limited which operates these three surgeries. You can’t work out his income from his Companies House filings but he has personally received an average of £100K a year for rent for the last four years from this company as he owns two of the buildings the company operates from.

Interestingly for all of his claims to be a Southall lad he has been telling Companies House that he lives in Cranford, Hounslow since 2003. He is either lying to Companies House or lying to Ealing voters.

One reply on “Sahota is not what he claims to be”

Despite your wild claims (which may be true) about Swiss free trips 🙂

Ill make one thing clear, there is no member of Parliament, who whilst earnign 100k still livesi n Southall, at the very worst, poissibly Norwood Green as with VIrendra Sharma but definitely not at the heart of Southall


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