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Ealing rubbish fiasco to drag on into August

Last night’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting was quite illuminating. Three representatives of the contractor Enterprise were there along with council officers and the Labour councillor in charge, Bassam Mahfouz.

The Enterprise representatives at the meeting confirmed that as of today only 5 out of 10 of the required, custom-built “kerbside” vehicles (used to perform kerbside re-cycling of dry recycling from green boxes) have been delivered so far and that the whole fleet will not be in place until the end of July, some four months after the start of the main part of the contract.

It became clear from the answers that the temporary kerbside vehicles hired to fill this ordering gap proved to be inadequate for their task and full kerbside sorting of re-cycling was abandoned at the end of the second week of the contract and will not be resumed in full until the end of July resulting in the largest part of the borough’s residents’ sorting effort being wasted for four months.

The story doesn’t end there. I am told that due to the California bond conditions, the contractor will then have to refine and complete the work of getting the cleaning rounds right and it will be well into August before the service has any chance of being back to normal.

The positive outcome from the meeting is that Enterprise agreed to return in August to give an update on progress with the contract.

One reply on “Ealing rubbish fiasco to drag on into August”

I am very sorry that I missed this. You have only commented on the vehicles. IS the intention to get our system back to normal? It has really not felt like that.

Can we also have the website back to normal?


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