Ealing and Northfield

Parking ticket danger zones – April

The council has just started publishing data about PCNs issued in the Borough, see April here. This is something that I started when I was in charge of parking and after much kicking and screaming stats were published from January 2009 for two years. When the council’s website was redesigned recently the stats disappeared during the course of 2011. After more persuasion from me the stats have restarted.

Previously there was a webpage that highlighted danger zones where the council was giving out too many tickets. This was an attempt to give people some information about the actively policed features so that they had a chance to avoid them – and also to keep the council itself honest. This was all part of my transparency agenda when I was in charge of parking. We also gave out two different guides to parking in the borough and started an annual report. Unfortunately this second bit hasn’t been reinstated so I will attempt to do this myself.

For comparison the council gave out 197,302 tickets in the 2011/12 financial year (see Annual Report here). I have multiplied the monthly totals by 12 to give the equivalent yearly rate and divided that by last year’s total number of tickets issued to give an idea of the proportion that one road feature or offence represents compared to the whole borough.

During April there were 12 road features or offences in one place that accumulated over 200 tickets in the month. Over one quarter of all tickets issued in our borough were issued on these sites (26.7%). Interestingly all of the high volume sites are policed with CCTV (the J code indicates a ticket policed by CCTV). The top 12 were:

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