Ealing and Northfield

Meeting to discuss Ealing rubbish fiasco tonight

Tonight at the Overview and Scrutiny Committee councillors will be discussing the widespread failure of the rubbish and re-cycling contract. The Ealing rubbish fiasco has been going on for 12 weeks now since the start of April and full service is unlikely to be resumed until August. The Tories attempted to table this issue at the last council meeting last Tuesday but the Labour administration used its voting power to suppress the motion twice.

Only this week posters were complaining about the mixing of dry re-cycling on the chiswickw4 forum and on Tuesday I say re-cycling being mixed in my own road as recorded in the photo above taken outside my house. As an aside the bin men forgot my food waste bin this week. It was left out with everything else but in their haste they forgot it. When I called the council’s customer services I asked the polite-if-a-little-strained operator if things were getting better. She said: “Yes, things are getting better, but not much.”

Later today we will get answers to questions raised at council and we will be able to see if things did improve much in May. The only way we get proper data out of this administration is by formally asking questions. I wonder if they will arrive in time to be used at the meeting tonight? The deadline in the constitution is the end of the working day today.

Anyone can attend the meeting tonight. The rubbish bit will start at or soon after 8.15pm. Committee Room 3 at the Town Hall. Agenda here.

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