Ealing and Northfield

Labour refuses to discuss compensation for residents

The council meeting last night was pretty grim. The Conservatives put forward a motion to discuss compensation for residents following the continuing Ealing rubbish fiasco, which has seen streets in Ealing left uncollected for weeks, recycling mixed together by the contractor and taken to Kent for sorting and streets wastefully swept before collections. Labour refused to discuss it. They used their voting power in the chamber to change the order of the business so that the Conservative motion was heard after a discussion on the council’s corporate plan. This was titled “Making the best better”. Clearly it was written by a comedian.

Half way through that debate the Conservatives asked a second time for their motion to be heard and Labour voted against it. In a naked filibuster they put up 20 speakers to ensure that the Conservative motion was talked out.

Labour are busily trying to minimise the extent of the Ealing rubbish fiasco. Yesterday I talked to a lady in Windmill Road whose row of four houses has not had a regular collection for 11 weeks. For 11 weeks they have put in a call and someone has picked it all up and chucked it in the back of a van. 11 missed collections. 11 calls to customer services. 11 emergency collections. 11 weeks.

The average household in Ealing pays £1,500 in council tax. It is most households’ biggest bill after paying the rent or the mortgage. As a Council we exist to provide a service to our residents and if Labour can’t even get this basic service right, then the very least they can do is compensate residents. Every other industry does this, be it your bank, airline or train operator. Why does this Labour administration think they should be any different?

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