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Two months wasted effort, Mahfouz should resign

The Labour administration announced at Council last night that the Enterprise contract manager who had been responsible for Ealing’s contract has been replaced following the Ealing rubbish fiasco.

It seems odd to me that whilst the private sector contractor has taken responsibility for their part in the failure by removing a senior employee, the portfolio holder, Cllr Mahfouz continues to hide from his responsibilities.

When residents hear that pretty much all of their effort in separating recycling has been wasted across April and May, they will be very angry that only the contractor has taken responsibility for the rubbish service they have received. Council officers and Cllr Mahfouz also need to accept their part in the failure of this service.

Official figures show that in April 1,062 Tonnes of dry recycling was sent to the Ideal MRF in Kent. The figure of 1,373 Tonnes for May was released on Tuesday. The average amount of dry recycling that the Borough handles is 1,200 Tonnes. Therefore across April and May pretty much all the Borough’s dry recycling was sent to Kent and pretty much any effort made to separate recycling has been wasted for two whole months.

One reply on “Two months wasted effort, Mahfouz should resign”


I am relieved that you now are pointing your finger not just at Mahfouz, but also at Council Officers.

Electors deal with Mahfouz. But inter alia, the Ombudsman can deal with Council Officers.

What’s the problem? Is it political? Your job qua Councillor is to hold the administration to account. OK you have been filibustered.

But if there is sufficient on your files, then as a resident you could entertain the other options.

It is a well known fact that Council seniors get agitated when a complaint runs the risk of going beyond and outside a Council. Is Pickles not prepared to support you?

There has been so much posting on the Ealing website. I am a great believer in sorting the waste but if it continues long term to be chucked in just one vehicle without change, then how long will it be before the residents say enough is enough?


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