Ealing and Northfield

Ealing rubbish fiasco at council meeting tonight

Tonight I will be leading for the opposition on our debate on the continuing Ealing rubbish fiasco at full council. The numbers make pretty damning evidence, see April’s below.

I have asked for May’s in writing at tonight’s council and we will get those in seven working days.

Our motion reads:

This Council notes the continued breakdown in the borough refuse, street cleaning and recycling services as evidenced at Cabinet on the 29th May. This Council demands that the residents of the borough are compensated properly for the continued loss of service.

Please come along if you have time. From 7pm at the Town Hall. Anyone can wander up to the public gallery and watch. It is a public meeting.

Update: Tonight the Labour administration used its voting power in the council chamber to stop the Conservative opposition talking about the Ealing rubbish fiasco twice.

By convention we talk about the corporate plan at the June council meeting. As a rule the first piece of business done at any council meeting is opposition business. In the light of the continuing problems that residents are having with their rubbish and recycling services we felt that this should be talked about tonight. Labour used their voting power at the start of the meeting to force the corporate plan above the opposition business in the agenda and then tabled 20 speakers in the debate to ensure that the opposition business was talked out. Half way through the debate the Conservatives requested that we move on and again Labour voted us down.

Labour will not be held to account for its failures.

One reply on “Ealing rubbish fiasco at council meeting tonight”

we have moved into Ealing 4 weeks ago. We just experienced the Ealing fiasco of parking ‘pay by phone’. My wife spent 2.5 hours on the phone dealing with Ealing council when we were trying to get parking in the street for a friend, ADT and a Bosch engineer. The system simply does not work. Do you know of similar experiences? Many thanks


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