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Labour plays race card to stifle budget debate

A typically unpleasant and context free tweet from Cllr Tailor last night. Rather than discussing the budget last night a number of Labour councillors, and even Cllr Steed from the LibDems (who has a reputation for being more left-wing than most of the Labour group), objected to the leader of the Tory group on the council making a reference to immigration during his budget speech. I thought that we had got to the point where we could discuss the influences on our society in a dispassionate way without the left screaming “race” every time someone tried to discuss immigration.

The context in which Cllr Millican was speaking was the schools capital budget. If you read the budget documents you will see that fully two-thirds of all of the council’s general fund capital spending, some £291 million out of £427 million over the five years from April 2011 to March 2016 (Table 15, page 28), is being devoted to schools capital. This money is not being spent for fun. In the main it is being used to build new school places. Although young families not moving out of the borough is a secondary driver for this change the biggest influence is new arrivals and the children of new arrivals – immigration.

Cllr Millican pointed to an answer to a Parliamentary question answered by ONS for MP Nicholas Soames, see here. This spells out that 77.2% of the 4,526 babies born in Ealing in 2010 had one or both foreign-born parents.

Labour councillors last night objected that this statistic was not relevant to the debate. They don’t want to discuss the major driver for almost £300 million of capital spending. If one is being generous one might assume that they feel that there is nothing that the council can do about this immigration so we should simply get on with it. The question arises though how much longer can we go on dealing with this kind of disruption to our town. Are we not even allowed to discuss this fundamental transformation?

There are lots of things we could spend capital on. Improved parks. Better roads. Arts venues. You name it. But, the council has a legal duty to provide school places first and Labour’s uncontrolled immigration means that there is no money left for much beyond schools. What little room for manoeuvre that the local Labour party has is being spent on new council offices and a car park in Southall.

If we cannot use official ONS statistics to illuminate a debate on the budget in Ealing then the lunatics really have taken over the asylum.

2 replies on “Labour plays race card to stifle budget debate”

You don’t quite explain why C Millican raised this, so one is left to draw inferences. Tut,Tut.

But if the Councillors just refuse to talk about the issue, then they should take a leaf out of the Commons where they have no problem talking about the subject. If they can do it, then are you suggesting that some of our Councillors are so racist that they dare not reveal their prejudice?

Sharma is able to talk about immigration publicly in the Commons and you get a good idea where he stands on some of the subject. See debate dated dated 18/11/10. So what holds back our Councillors?

People have very strong conflicting views about the Southall and M4 victims of conflicting English law, and unless I have missed it, then it is astonishing that the Labour Cabinet has not responded publicly to what was reported on TV on Monday.

The Indians know very well what is going on because they read the Indian Newspaper, The Tribune. See .

What is needed is a change in the enforcement powers of the planning department. What’s your lot doing about this and when in God’s name will that happen? And that recent change of power given to the Border Agency is pretty feeble. It looks like window dressing rather than doing the job properly.

Kindly tell your lot to get a grip on immigration, and while I am about it also on our infrastructure to counter water shortages, short and long term, and what Eric calls peak oil. That is instead of playing war games.


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