Ealing and Northfield

Labour not listening to young people

Council leader Julian Bell turned up at the end of the Borough’s Youth Conference today to take a photo. He could have been there from 11am if he had really been interested in “listening to our young people”. Instead he was prioritising door knocking in Northolt.

Like many of the capital projects that have been completed recently the Westside Youth Centre was kicked off under the previous administration when Cllr Ian Gibb was in charge of childrens’ services. The youth conference was initiated under Ian and he made a point of leading it. The focus of Labour’s capital programme after schools is council offices, IT and a car park in Southall.

Meanwhile the current person in charge of childrens’ services, Cllr Patricia Walker, was also late. She pushed into the lunch queue ahead of me and various young people at 1:20pm (Four legs good, two legs better!). Instead of listening to young people she had been out getting votes for Ken Livingstone in Central Acton this morning. She had previously accidentally sent out an e-mail saying:

I am required to do a campaigning session that day but will try to come by about one o’clock.

The photo above taken by Labour activist Josh Blacker and tweeted @jkblacker at 12:44pm on Saturday.

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