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Labour roads chief grabs £1 million for his own ward

Every year the one of the most eagerly awaited cabinet papers is that laying out the annual road resurfacing programme. Labour has halved this budget, this year it will spend £3.5 million, or about £10 per head of population. You can see the papers here, here and here.

Shockingly the Labour councillor in charge of this budget, Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, has awarded 27% of the entire Borough budget, some £938K, to his own ward of Northolt West End. In contrast Northfield, the ward I represent, will get one footpath done for £65K. Mahfouz’s ward is one of 23 so you might expect it to get about 4% of the budget on average.

It looks like Labour is seriously favouring its own areas with this budget. Last year the five ward of Southall (22% of wards) got 52% of the budget. This year Northolt with 2 wards (9% of wards) got 51% of the budget. The wards that have been starved of new roads and pavements are the eight wards held by the opposition (central Ealing plus Southfields). Last year these wards only got 13% of the budget in spite of being just over one thirds of all wards. This year their share collapsed further to 7% – this is one fifth of the share they might expect if the spending was evenly distributed.

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The thing with people like Mahfouz is that his approach will pervade all aspects of his life. Just keep watching his WHOLE life; sooner or later he will hang himself.


Phil, you forgot to mention that according to the cabinet report:

‘a condition survey of footways and carriageways throughout the Borough is carried out each year. This survey objectively assesses each section of road … measuring and noting defects in the footways and carriageways of each section of road a ‘defect value’ is calculated.

The schemes to be actually carried out will be those at the top of the list (i.e. having the ‘worst’ condition rating).’

So unlike Hillingdon’s Tory Council, Ealing Council (under both Tories and Labour) repairs the roads in the worst condition first. It may just happen that this year there is a lot of these roads are in Northolt West End.

and as for Northfield getting only one footpath, the safe Labour ward of Dormers Wells of Deputy Leader Dheer didn’t get a single road or footpath!



Let’s stick to Ealing. I know what the report says. But the numbers tell a different story.

As much as I can I include links to reports and generally show my workings so do not try to suggest that I don’t tell the whole story.


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