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Lansley set up, BBC News online team falling for it

The use by the BBC News website of this piece of video as their lead story right now proves one of two things. Either its staff are naive and easy to manipulate or they know that this was a stunt by revolutionary socialist activists and are quite happy to collude with them. If revolutionary socialist June Hautot had been a little more subtle and not barracked Lansley quite so relentlessly it wouldn’t have been quite so obvious that this was a set up. More from Guido Fawkes here.

Watching the video Lansley comes across well, coolly trying to make his case in front of cameras whilst trying to deal with a deranged woman. The more the case is made directly the more unreasonable the detractors will appear. No-one is privatising the NHS. Does June Hautot suggest that we nationalise factories, power stations, mines and steelworks so that NHS surgeons’ scalpels can be produced entirely in the public sector? The health sector in the UK is now 10% of GDP. One tenth of ALL economic activity. There is always going to be a mix of providers and we really need to get the most efficient mix and not be doctrinaire about who provides what.

If Cameron has decided to go ahead with the NHS reforms then the Tories need to get out from the foxholes and start communicating.

One reply on “Lansley set up, BBC News online team falling for it”

The closure of Ealing Hospital is one aspect of the reforms that I am looking forward to. As no one seems to want to try and fix it there is no other option.

Hammersmith Hospital Accident and Emergency is an extra three minute away from me by road in a normal vehicle (without blue lights flashing!). I would prefer to take my chances with an extra three minutes rather than re-experience some of my encounters with Ealing Hospital.



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