Ealing and Northfield

Ealing’s traffic wardens on strike today and tomorrow

This photo shows members of the Unite union protesting this morning opposite the building out of which Ealing’s CEOs (traffic wardens in old money) operate. They are in dispute with their employer (NSL, not the council) over the alleged unfair dismissal of CEO and Unite shop steward Parveen Bhardwaj.

I was very surprised to see this story on this morning. In half an hour of talking to at least five of the staff on strike not one mentioned quotas. Their issues were that they felt that NSL was taking a hard line with staff on the old terms and conditions which they enjoy following their transfer under TUPE legislation from employment by the council. I fear that’s one woman band, Annemarie Flanagan, has only told the headline worthy half of the story.

Unite regional officer Richard Gates told me that 59 out of 94 staff are Unite members and therefore out on strike today and tomorrow. This means there will be less traffic enforcement in the borough but there will be some so behave out there.

3 replies on “Ealing’s traffic wardens on strike today and tomorrow”

I find this all very confusing. I thought when you Tories were in power in Ealing you took the traffic wardens on as Council employees. It was never clear why you did this. When and who moved the traffc wardens out of Council employment? And why was this done?

I also remember that Jason Stacey when he was leading the Conservative Council made the traffc wardens’ management drop the ticketing targets approach.



We did bring the service in house temporarily whilst I was in charge. The reason was that the old service provider wanted to exit the business so essentially just gave us the keys back at very short notice. We went through a tendering process and re-let the contract after a year or so in house to NSL.

The old contract was badly drafted by the old Labour administration and rewarded the contractor for issuing more tickets. The new contract didn’t you are quite right.


As someone trying to work in an office opposite this picket line I have lost any sympathy for their cause. Their aim is to make as much noise as possible, with loudspeakers, dozens of vuvuzelas, and loud music. Not only is this almost unbearable to those in offices nearby, the picket line is right next to Ealing Fire Station and thus disturbing all those firefighters trying to rest between shifts.


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