Ealing and Northfield

Northfield library – TURN UP 6.30pm TUESDAY, TOWN HALL STEPS

Northfield library

See note from Ealing Conservative Group’s leader, David Millican:

The Conservative Opposition has forced the issue of Labour’s proposals, to close libraries, to the top of the Council’s agenda.

Conservative Opposition Councillors have organised separate petitions, each with hundreds of signatures, to save each library. Petitions will be presented to Full Council next Tuesday 14 June, which will trigger debates.

Then, as Opposition, we have called a special meeting of the powerful cross-party Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which will meet at 7:00 pm on Tuesday 28 June. This will discuss the fate of all the Libraries under threat, namely Perivale Library, Hanwell Library, Northolt Leisure Centre Library, Northfields Library and the Mobile Library.

The date of 28 June has been selected because the Council’s Cabinet will decide the fate of the Libraries on Tuesday 5 July and the papers will have been published.

We ask concerned residents to congregate on the steps of the Town Hall next Tuesday 14 June at 6:30 pm to show their support to keep our Libraries open.

The Labour administration have appointed another councillor to oversee the proposed library closures, namely Cllr Ranjit Dheer; so I ask you to write to him with your views at –

Please forward this note to encourage others to help save our libraries.

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