Ealing and Northfield

Elthorne’s Sunday morning rave

On Sunday morning Northfield councillors got a couple of e-mails from residents who had been kept awake by a rave on the field just south of the council’s Warren Farm sports ground, just across the tracks from Trumpers Way. The rave was advertised here.

According to one resident who e-mailed at 3:53am the rave started at 2:40am.

At over a mile away my wife was woken up at 5am and I woke up at 6.15pm to a distant beat. Even on Sunday afternoon we could hear the beat in the Walpole Park playground. This must have spoilt the weekend for thousands of Ealing residents.

I was impressed that both Susan Parsonage, Ealing’s Director of Safer Communities, and borough commander Andy Rowell were replying to our residents’ e-mails during the course of Sunday. Thank you both. Residents acknowledged that the council in particular had done good work in strengthening the security of open spaces in that area to prevent raves. It seems that the police had control of the situation earlier in the night but stood down too early allowing the rave organisers to break into the site from Windmill Lane.

I attended the site at 4.30pm on Sunday with a couple of inquisitive robbery squad officers who arrived by coincidence. A sodden group of 30 or so zombie like creatures were jiggling in front of a sound system. It was clearly winding down. The policemen asked them to turn the music off, which they did. The Portuguese DJ claimed that it was a private party for a birthday.

The site, ringed in red, is elevated above the railway tracks and Trumpers Way. With a westerly wind blowing it was easy to see how the sound could be carried to Walpole park.

I would be very interested to hear residents views and experiences. David Millican, Conservative opposition leader on Ealing council, and the Deputy Mayor for London, Richard Barnes will be meeting with the borough commander on Friday so get in touch so that they can pass on your views to the police.

My view would be that the police should make it known to these people that all efforts will be made by the police to confiscate sound systems from anyone who tries to have an unlicensed rave in Ealing. The message should be “Not here”.

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Please also remind everyone of the likely annoyance to patients in the wards at Ealing hospital close to the canal & river Brent at Hanwell. Some will have pain and other problems making it hard to catch vital sleep at night as it is. They need peace and quiet.


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